One of the very first questions we're commonly asked, not only by our customers but by pretty much everyone who we come across... why on earth did you choose MAD DOG as the name of your company? Well, why not? the answer is and was quite simple...

February 2008 marked the commencement of acquisitions for the MAD DOG Limousine Company with the purchase of our fully customised and blinged out Hummer H2 Sedan, now known as the 'BABY BROTHER' in the MAD DOG fleet.

When the car first arrived it created a MASSIVE amount of interest and curiosity from absolutely everyone who crossed it's path... let's face it there aren't too many Hummer's to begin with in Perth let alone fully customised ones!

While listening to the many comments made about the car plus the massive interest with it, the most common and 'stand out' reference to it made by all... IT'S MAD!

Right to this very day, every time a person crosses paths with one of the Hummers they will always say the same thing, except today, we proudly say 'yes it is... it's a MAD DOG!'.

MAD DOG as a company plus all employees strongly believe...

'if your going to have a good time... MAKE IT AN ABSOLUTE MAD TIME... go all out... make a statement... be seen and remembered!'

Breaking with boring, old and mundane traditions in the Limousine industry, MAD DOG is a company that believes in the word FUN in every sense and guarantees you and your guests not only a RIDE LIKE A ROCKSTAR but an experience unlike any other.

When making your decision which company to book your ride... be certain to check all the finer written details, the presentation of the vehicle and more importantly... make certain you ARE getting the vehicle your booking!